52 Week Challenge-Week 8 & 9

Yeah, falling behind again in posting these challenges. At least I'm doing them! I'm so proud I haven't missed a week yet. :) It's fun to be challenged
Week 8 was The View from Here. I thought there really isn't a better view than what I see everyday, even if they are crying or bored. This for sure is not a perfect shot. I really didn't think it would be that hard to get them all looking up and in close but it was hard. It didn't help that I wanted Sadie crying so that raises frustration levels up quite a bit!
Week 9's theme is Express Yourself. I just got back from this shoot and thought, this would be perfect for the theme this week. The bride is a huge Disney fan and brought a few props along to incorporate them into the shoot. I love it when clients do that! It really makes the shoot their own. They were a fun couple and we had a blast!
Join the fun!

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