Valentine's Day & Week 7

We had a nice, laid-back Valentine's Day around hubby and I actually went out on the weekend, so that was nice to get out. But yesterday, the girls came home from school talking excitedly about their parties at school and bringing home loads of Valentines and treats. The theme for this week's 52 Week Challenge was Open Your Heart. Cambree just got home from her Valentine's Party at Preschool and quite literally was opening her heart. :) She also LOVED writing her Valentines this year and giving some of her love to her friends. Spread the love.
I just HAD to include this picture too. As a family, we gave each other Valentines starting at the beginning of the month. They could be anonymous or not. I believe my 7 YO wrote this and I'd have to agree. :) I think we need to make this a tradition!
It reads: "You are a mach better driver then Dad! Love ?"


  1. thanks for the laugh, that is really cute (Maddy tells me that I am "too drivey" and Daddy drives "too fast." Not sure what too drivey means... :)