Byron & Tracy's Wedding | Utah Photographer

The day finally arrived. It was a cold, blustery, blizzard of a day too, but that didn't dampen the spirits of these 2 love birds. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other the whole day, as it should be.
The wedding and reception were beautiful yet simple. The real highlight was when Byron surprised Tracy with a song he wrote that he sang to her. Everyone was silent as we all listened to him serenade her. It was such a good song and should be on the radio!
Thank you, Byron and Tracy, for letting me in on this part of your lives. You guys will be so happy!

My other favorite family. :)
Byron's family was so much fun!

As they were leaving in their truck, it couldn't make it up the icy hill! It was SO cold and snowy, they had to be pulled up! Good times!

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