52 Week Challenge-Week 5 & 6

I guess I'm bad at posting just one picture. For some reason I feel like I have to do more than one...or something...maybe I'm just bad at posting.
Well, last week my baby was sick with RSV so I barely made the deadline for the challenge. The topic was My Muse. Well, my kids are definitely my muse. If I'm not thinking photography, I'm thinking about them. I've always wanted to try a shot like this and the only way to get my 1YO to hold still was to give her fruit snacks. Worked like a charm. And sorry for the messy house...we were dealing with sickness so that's my excuse. :)

This week's challenge was Words. Well it snowed. Blah. And I thought I would rather be drawing in sand on a beach but this will have to do. So in honor of Valentine's Day coming up, show me some:

Join in on the fun! It's been nice for me to get out and think outside the box since I mostly do portraits.
Have a great day!!!!


  1. Both of these are awesome. So cool

  2. I totally thought I was following your photography site on my google reader but apparently I haven't because there are five million new posts I missed! You have been busy and I love everything as usual. I'm making sure to follow your posts now (wish you were around to take some of Grant. Doing your own kids is so much harder, why is that??)