Landon-6 Months Old | Utah Child Photographer

Six months old is the best age! They are cute as can be, chubby, smiley, they can usually sit up, but best of all, they don't go anywhere! I did Landon's Newborn pictures and was just as excited to do his 6 month ones. What a cutie-pie!
Love the chubby hands and feet!
I loved this picture right when I saw it! He looks like he's so sick of being dressed up. I'm sure there will be plenty more of this face with 3 sisters!
I always appreciate your comments. Thank you!


  1. Already six months. Wow. Time flies. Love the one dressed up.

  2. I LOVE that bored look with getting dressed up. It looks like that little guy won't stand up to playing dress up with his sisters...