Dayton Family | Utah Photographer

Can I just say what an awesome family this is? A few months ago, they got news of their mom having breast cancer. It's been a rough few months for these SIX kids and their dad while their mom (rough for her too!) has had to have chemo. I can't even imagine how hard/awful that must be. But, they all have the best attitude about it...mostly because their mother has been such a good example to them. She has taken whatever has come her way with such a determined and happy attitude. She has embraced it...even having a hair shaving party. :) They are such a fun and loving family. Everybody wants to help them somehow and I was no different.  I'm sure their family has become closer and stronger through this trail.
You all are amazing! And THANK YOU for letting me have the privilege of documenting this stage in your lives right now. You are a great example to me too. Love you guys! You're beautiful, DeLayne.
Can't you just feel the love!
A few weeks before this shoot, we did some shots of just the kids. We didn't know how cold it might get and didn't want the kids to be miserable!


  1. Love love love the pictures. You captured their family just perfect. Great job.

  2. loved these pictures! and i really liked the cream colored sweaters! great job!

  3. You made my eyes water! These pictures are great!