Carroll Family | Utah Family Photographer

I just loved photographing this family! I've known Kim & Cory while in High School so it was fun to see them and their cute kids! Kim was all about the props so I brought a lot and we had some fun!
This location is one I came across a while ago but have never used it. Kim wanted to go there so I was so happy about it...until a crazy lady came telling us (and about 8 other photographers! it was busy!) we weren't supposed to be there and that it was her Grandmother's house. She called the cops and wouldn't let anyone past the driveway. The cops came and couldn't really do anything because there wasn't any No Trespassing signs. Oh boy. At least we got the family shots in and then left to another location to do the kid shots. I'm glad Kim and Cory were cool with the whole thing! Oh boy.
ANYWAY, here are quite a few pictures of their cute family! I couldn't decide!
If you ever want to use any of my props for your session just tell me! They add a lot of personality and can change up an ordinary portrait. :)
Remember to book your family session (or mini session) before I'm all full and before the weather gets COLD!

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  1. How exciting you were almost busted by the cops. Great pictures.