Cambree Bambree

Every year for my kids' birthdays, we go out and do a photo shoot. I had an idea in mind for Cambree's but was getting frustrated with finding time to do it! So while Brinley was at dance class, I took Sadie and Cambree up to the canyon to shoot. It was quite the show hauling 2 strollers up the trail, one for Cambree and one with Sadie in it. :)
Yeah, this stroller is my neighbor's and when I saw it I knew I wanted it for Cambree's shoot. She was so excited too and we put a baby doll in it. Whenever I told her to talk to the baby, she'd get all excited and talk to her so cute. I loved it! She my little Miss Personality...if you can't tell. :)
An old lady was walking her dog and of course Cambree wanted to pet it. Then the lady asked if we'd like to have a picture with the dog. Cambree was all about that!
I love this one. This is what she does all the time with her tongue. She has a cute little lisp too.

Thanks so much for looking! I just don't know how to cut down the pictures when its my own. Thanks for all the nice comments.


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  2. You have adorable kids and you capture their personalities so well!

  3. Oh my goodness. She is so cute. I love the hair. Darling.

  4. love love LOVE the pics of Cambree! You do such a good job of capturing their personalities - I feel like I know her just from glancing through your photos. Well done!!!

  5. Wow! I LOVE the stroller prop! It was absolutely perfect for her...just the right size and vintage and everything. No wonder you had to use it (and the outfit matched nicely, too).
    I love the little tongue in her teeth pic, too. That's so Cambree.

  6. wow these are fantastic! The name matches the girl!! I love it! These are great and I know you will cherish them forever. I always have a hard time narrowing down pics too, especially when it is of mine. haha