Sadie's 1 YO Photo Shoot | Utah Photographer

So yesterday's post was a little are the rest of them! I can't believe my baby's one year old already. She's almost walking! I'm glad she still loves to cuddle with me. :)
We started off doing just a normal shoot. A few with her Daddy...her favorite person. I don't mind a bit.
Here's her squishy, cheesy smile.
Now it's Party Time! Bring on the cake! I didn't want her to dig in it at first. I wanted a few of her just looking pretty with her fluffy skirt.
The tiara bugged her. I was trying to distract her from taking it off.
Enough of the cute it's time to dig in!
So there it is! She never did dig into it like I thought she would...but she still was plenty sticky and it was time for a bath. :)
As always, thanks for all your sweet comments!

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