{Annie} - Newborn | Utah Photographer

Introducing...my newest niece!! It's so fun to have another girl in the family! And Sadie will have someone to play with. That's always nice. Annie was born during our family reunion in July. Luckily they stayed home or else she would've been born in Yellowstone. :)
I might have to say that she's the best newborn I've ever done. And I can say that cuz we're related. ;) She didn't want to sleep very much but she stayed still once we took the pacifier out.
My sister-in-law's sister made all her flower bows. So cute! Here she is!


  1. Very cute! you home now. I want to see the family pic's. I might have to stop by.

  2. How cute it that! I love the last one in the tutu and the headband is so cute!PERFECT!

  3. Love the last one the very most, so precious! That tutu is adorable!