Photo Meetup-Props

I'm really trying to challenge myself and to keep on improving my photography. You can never be too good. :) So I got my friend to go with me to a Photographer Meetup Group. They meet monthly and happened to be meeting right near my house. So what have I got to loose?
Everyone was supposed to bring a prop. I brought my parasol. Then, we had 10 minutes to photograph our prop. When the 10 minutes were up, we moved on to another prop. It was a good exercise but maybe my attention span isn't long enough cuz I was done in 5 minutes. :) And I don't normally shoot things that don't move!
Here are a few of the prop shots I got.
Thanks, Tracie, for coming with! I'm just getting you back! :)


  1. Ok it is on. Just watch out. I will be hiding in the bushes to get a good shot of you. ha ha.

  2. Oh no! Yeah, I feel bad that I didn't even edit this one. I just stuck it on here. Sorry about that. Please don't hate me! ;)