Heather's Bridals | Utah Photographer

I was really excited to do Heather's Bridals. We even went out to Payson to check out some wide, open fields. We had lots of fun, way up until the sun went down! Not to mention the traffic violation I got on the way home too. Expired registration. Yeah. 9 months expired! My only defense is I lost my mind when I had Sadie...10 months ago. Blah.
I can't wait to do your wedding next week! Crazy it's so soon!! You're gorgeous! And your dress is amazing!


  1. Those are gorgeous. I love them. Can't wait until next week.

  2. You recovered the chair!! Looks awesome! The pictures are gorgeous, I can't believe the black and white picture (number four down), it is making me drool with envy of the sheer amazingness of it. Fabulous job!

  3. WOW! Missy, these turned out awesome! great locations I helped find huh? LOVE the ones at the Krishna temple, they are really good! The orchard and big tree spots turned out great too! I want to do some bridals now!