I forgot to post these! Awhile back I went exploring to a new location that I want to shoot at someday. It's an old, scary house so I didn't want to go by myself. So I asked a friend and we brought our kids for a little bit of exploring. Here are some fun pictures of our adventures:
The inside had fabulous wallpaper...if you didn't shoot the graffiti. :)
Don't I have a great little model?

This wall was awesome. It looks like its falling down on my friend, Tracie! Which, by the way, she looks fabulous!
So who wants a shoot here? Any takers?


  1. O my goodness. I look old. Old house, old woman! It was fun. Can't wait for wednesday. Need to find my prop.

  2. Whatever! You do not look old! I can only hope to look that good. :)

  3. That's a really cool place! I wonder if Rob will be in Ut long enough this summer for us to book a family shoot with you...I would take this house!