Aubrey-4 YO | Utah Photographer

It was that time again to do my friend's daughter's pictures. She pretty much always cries when we do pictures, so we thought we'd bring out the big guns...a pettiskirt! (which, BTW, you can use too if you book with me. I have 3 of them.) She put it on at home and was dancing and twirling and being so cute! I thought it would be easy...WRONG! She cried again. After much trying, we decided to give her a break and do pictures of her baby brother (to be posted soon!). THEN, she got in the mood. WHEW!
She's still so cute, even when she's sad. Her mom is a hairdresser, in case you couldn't tell by her cute up-do.

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  1. she is a cutie! Love the petty skirt! How is july 9th or 10th looking for pics????