My Brother's Family

Gosh! I've been a horrible blogger lately! So many shoots to catch up on!
My awesome brother keeps my website going. He has been helping me create it and is always trying to think of new things to make it better. He's so great!
 They wanted a few pictures in front of the LDS Timpanogas temple. It made for a beautiful backdrop!

And my cute nephew is pretty stinkin' cute too! They lived with us for a few months and I just think he is the funnest little boy! He's a happy little 2 year old now!


  1. Wow! Those guys are so photogenic! It must have been hard to narrow down the pictures to edit. I just love the picture of JJ and Kristy together. I also love Kristy's haircut. And Justus is just too cute. He is such a happy boy!

  2. Ok,so as the proud grandma, I want copies of these pictures--all of them!!! So cute! Hey, JJ--I think your season is Autumn. Your family just glows great in Autumn!!! And, I agree with everything Angie said.