Cameron Family

This was another shoot I did in St. Louis. This family was up for anything! They were great! The baby got a little bored, but as soon as we pulled out the treats, he was a happy camper!
My sister scoped out this place and it was perfect! Lots of variety and we even brought her couch! I was stoked to do a shoot with a couch! Now I just need to get me one!
For some reason this picture is turned...oh well...still looks good!


  1. love the pics they turned out great. love the colors!

  2. Those turned out so great. I'm glad the little guy got a good shot, too.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! I love the photos with the couch--I have always wanted to try something like that! I also love the picture of the newborn boy right below this post. The colors are dreamy!