Brucker Girls

I'm playing catch-up right now, so I'll hopefully be posting a bunch over the next few days. Keep a lookout!So my new neighbor wanted me to do pictures for her girls. I'm still new to the area and wanted to do a really good job...I shouldn't have had such high expectations. The first shoot was clear back around Easter time and it just wasn't working. The littlest one would cry and just would not stay put for ANYTHING! No bribes, nothing! So we tried a 2nd time awhile later and did MUCH better! Their dad was there entertaining and we also got special permission to use this awesome location, so it was all good! Such cuties! Thanks, Stephanie, for putting up with me!


  1. where were those done? they are beautiful!

  2. At the Bungalow Reception center in PG. Again, my clients knew the right people cuz she normally doesn't let anyone in...not even the wedding party. So we were VERY lucky!