Scenic Family Shoot

I did this family shoot a week or so ago and it was COLD (not as cold as around Christmas, but still cold!)! The baby was only 2 months old and wasn't happy for very long. We got some good ones outside, but then had to move it inside (into his parents' house which is GORGEOUS! I got a tour too!)! She still wasn't great at the end! But that's how babies are!! Unpredictable!!
I really had fun and LOVED the places Tabitha picked out! She has a great eye (well, she IS an interior designer!) and knew what she wanted! I LOVE it when people know what they want and give me new ideas! It was great!


  1. So cute! Some people are just too photogenic! Including the girl in the last photo shoot. Holy cow I want her purple jacket with all of my little heart. I love the abandoned car pictures especially. Her eyes are amazing! Nice job capturing everyone's personalities!