My Christmas Card!

I just finished putting the final touches on my Christmas card! This card had been in my head for almost 2 years!! I had to do it before we had another kid (this is NOT an annoucement!) so it could stay in balance! Hurry and schedule a shoot or send me your pics so I can design a Christmas card for you!! It's already November!!!
Don't worry, Melanie, I'm working on editing your family pictures still...this card was already in progress before I took your pics! :) I'll get yours up as soon as we move and we get more settled!!


  1. That's such a cute card. I have a question for you! I am planning on making my own cards on photoshop this year and I was wondering how big they should be when I make them? I was also wondering where do you suggest printing them off?

    I don't really have a great printer so I was thinking some place like Target but I don't know if they would let me print it.

  2. Hey,Thanks! You take awesome pictures.

    I have just been experimenting with things,but here are a few of my cards. Hopefully the url will come up. I think I'm gonna go with the Christmas tree one.




    I know the aren't that great compared to yours but yes it's my first year trying.

  3. That is great! What a good idea, too...then you don't have to find the perfect family photo. I need to get shootin if I'm gonna have you make my Christmas card!