Fall Family Fun!!

So we set it up to take pictures the day before Halloween!! She was so great to work with since I have such a CRA-A-A-ZY schedule due to moving! BTW, we're all moved in!! Painting and all is done!! Now we just have to get things more organized and up on the walls!! We just love our new house and the area we're in! Yea!!
Anyway, Melanie's family was so much fun, despite a few meltdowns (one because I didn't bring my 5 year old to play with her 5 year old...I ususally don't bring my kids but I probably should've this once! He was SO sad!!) 4 boys and one baby girl and they are such a CUTE family!! She got Christmas Cards too that I will post when I get them all designed!
Gorgeous girl...


  1. I totally left a comment, why did it not stay! maybe it is just my hair color but i know i did!

    I love the photos.

  2. I love your pics & I wish I lived close enough for you to take our pics! We can't do our family pics until I can get Jason to a store for a new shirt that isn't a soccer jersey...if I'm able to accomplish that miracle in the next week or so, I have every intention of emailing you the pics, and sending you a check so you can do some fun editing and make our Christmas cards:)

  3. I Love these pictures!!! You do such a Great job!! Your Awsome!! Thanks Again.