My Sister-in-Law's Family

On Saturday, I went out and shot my sister-in-law's family. She's a photographer too (here's her photo blog), so I was a little nervous!! AND I've never done a single family that big before! Her 4 year old was a little tough, but he loosened up later and was fine!! I think a lot of them turned out. Shawn, my husband, came with me to help the younger boys smile. He did a good job and even gave me some great ideas like the kids peeking over the wall. He'll have to come more often!!
I hope you like them, Jody!!


  1. We love all of them Missy! Thank you for doing this for us. You did a great job.

  2. love love love them you are so good!

  3. Missy we need to set up a time to have you do my family's pictures!! I also want you to do MaKenna's pictures! Email me and let's pick a place and day! Thanks Melanie