Christmas Cards

Are you thinking it's too early to even think about Christmas Cards? Well, it's not!! And maybe you'll even have them out on time this year!! I designed a few cards last year and wanted to show them in case they meet your fancy. I also have TONS more ideas and a few layouts that are just dying to be used!!
If I do a shoot for your family, I'll design a card for $10 more to the cost of the shoot. If you've already had your pictures taken, I'll still design a card for you for $15. Then, you just go to your favorite photo printer and print off however many you'll need! Easy-peesy!!

Theses layouts are designed and ready to go!

These Christmas Cards I did last year.
I've also designed a Baby Announcement and an Anniversary Announcement too...I haven't done an Engagement Announcement, but I'd like to try!


  1. Hi Missy!
    I would love to have you do our Christmas card! And my sister would love to have you do hers too. I loved your family's last year! When I choose some pics, I'll let you know...if that's ok.

  2. Missy,

    I still want you to do family shots of us, but not until I get over the Bell's Palsy! So how late can I be for these Christmas cards?

  3. I am loving the 2nd one. I have it all pictured in my mind. joy (the kids) Wonder (This preg fat belly) because isn't it just amazing , a new baby, and family (family pic) I will pay you when I see you next week at our fun photo shoot I am way excited.