Blackhurst Family | Extended Family Session

This family only had one day where they could be all together for one big family picture. It's hard to get THAT many people in one place at one time...AND there was rain in the forecast. Like a lot of rain! So I prayed hard! I prayed that I could have just 20 minutes without rain to take one big picture. Well, the rain let up and I quickly arranged them (with the help of my husband). I got some pictures and then it started to pour rain again! I got my 20 minutes (or less!). I was so grateful it worked out. The rest of the pictures we were able to take under the covered bridge for the smaller groups. Talk about stressful! But it was all worth it. You never know when it could be your last family picture. 

You always have time for a silly picture!
Sweetest people ever!

Here we go! Running from the rain!!

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