My Baby is 2!

My baby isn't such a baby anymore...but let's get real...he will always be my baby!
For his birthday shoot, I've always done them indoors because January isn't the best time to take a baby out! I saw a photo that I wanted to try and do on Pinterest (because I was NOT getting any inspiration in this blah weather!) so I talked my husband into helping me. It finally snowed so we tried it. SO BAD!!! The wind was blowing snow in his face. No good. I was just going to have to photoshop the snow in.

So the next time I tried, it was sunny and I layered him more and put mittens on. He was happy! Yay!

Here's the fake snow! I like it!
Next I had to try the Pinterest inspiration. It's more Christmassy but I will put it on a canvas and display it with my Christmas decor.
His lashes are so long! That's how it goes with boys.
Help me decide which picture to put on a canvas. Which one is your fav?

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