Heald Family Pictures

The family sessions keep on rolling in! I am far too comfortable with this family...I guess it helps that I've known them for 12 years! They were teasing and laughing at each other the whole time. It was hard to get them to stop pulling faces! I took lots of frames so I got some good ones but man! They were silly but I love that they can relax and have fun. I wouldn't want it any other way!
They had one month where one missionary just got home and one was leaving at then end of the month. They had to fit a lot into that month and I'm so glad she made time for pictures!
 Both boys went/are going to Africa. So the return missionary needed pictures in his African shirt! :)
 No father/son pictures. They were ready for some food! But the girls...awe...they rocked it!
 LOTS of bloopers for this family! You just knew it!

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