My Easton~18 Months Old | Utah Child Photographer

I just have to brag a little bit and blog my baby. He is getting SO big! And his hair is getting so big! I wanted to do his shoot before we cut his hair. My husband said it was about time we chopped it all off! Dang! Oh well. It will grow back. :)
We went out for his 18 month old shoot for about a 1/2 hour. That was all he was good for. And we even brought candy. But that's just how it goes with the little ones! They are the boss! We brought along his monkey cuz he loves it right now. He won't be little like this for long!
See? Told ya we had candy!

 More? More candy?
 He kept dancing at random times. It was so funny!
 He really looks like he's groovin' here!
 He wanted something!
 More candy...and all done!

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