Nap Time | Our Forever Neverland Project

I've joined an amazing group of photographers over at Our Forever Neverland blog. We, as photographers, feel like we are taking fabulous pictures of other people's kids but cell phone pictures of our own kids. So, we are challenging ourselves to get out our nice camera and shoot. This will be so good for me!
This week, I pulled out my camera right after Easton woke up from his nap. I LOVE nap time (that's my editing time) but I also love his happy mood when he wakes up! These pictures don't really show his happy mood cuz he just wanted to get out! But I love the somber look he has. And his eyes get me every time!

This is the image I chose to put up on the blog. The color one is on there but I also love the black and white!
Check back every Friday. That's when the posts go live. :)

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