Nola's 80th Birthday Party | Utah Event Photography

Ok...back to blogging. I sure took a little hiatus. It was definitely nice to take some time away from my business and spend time with my family. We had a blast with my family and my husband's family and my kiddos, of course! So now I'm refreshed and ready to work! I've got some fun things to share and I will be updating my blog semi-soon. I'm also working on selecting my top favorite photos from 2012. Stay tuned.
And now for the party of this young lady's life! Her kids threw her a fabulous 80th Birthday Party and wanted me there to document it. I could tell Nola was LOVING the attention and had a great time. Her daughters planned a great party! I will have to remember some of them for my mom in the not-so-near-future. I had a great time! So happy I was a part of it.
Nola is a great cook so her kids made little recipe booklets to give to guests.
LOVED all the old pictures she had displayed! Even an old Valentine card! LOVE!
A quilt so guests could write a note.
Her granddaughter put together a photo booth. So fun!
These three have been friends since KINDERGARTEN!! Wow!! I love it!
Here are the people that made it all happen.

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