Heald Family | Utah Family Photographer

Ahh...the Heald family. Where do I begin? I've been friends with Donell for many years. I LOVE this family and had such a fun time doing their pictures again. I did them 2 years ago...here's their session WAY back then! We don't live down the street anymore from each other so it surprises me every time I see her boys. Umm...and her boys are like all grown up now. It's crazy how that happens. My daughter, Brinley, and Rachel have been friends since they were 2. They are 2 peas in a pod. Love it when that happens. :)
My clients are loving the city-feel this year. I love it too!
K, so how cool is this wall??!! I LOVE when I find stuff like that on a shoot!
ANNNNNDDD....a few fun bloopers cuz we know how to have fun during a session!

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  1. These are way cute! I thought it was funny how many times Adam changed his shirt.