Capps Family | Utah Family Photographer

I love return clients! I have done many shoots with these guys and it's so fun to see them often. Austin, the 2 year old, was a little trickier this time. But his parents sure know how to get him to do what they want him to do. Reverse psychology. Yup! If we said, "Austin, look over here at me!" He wouldn't. But if we said, "Austin, don't you dare look at me." He would look. So once I got the hang of that, it worked every time! Love it!
Trying to get some energy out of that 2 year old!
Even though they are Utah fans, I will still take their picture. :)
Sean is REALLY into football...looks like Austin might be too.
And we will finish it off with some bloopers. See? We can't always be perfect!

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