Annie & Justus | Utah Child Photographer

Does this place look familiar? We did my daughter, Sadie's shoot here. Same time, same place. Why not? We are family! These 2 cuties are my niece and nephew. Number 3 is coming any day!! And I'm SO excited to do some newborn pics of him or her.  Yup...they don't know what they are having. I couldn't stand not knowing...but then again, I've had 3 girls until we finally got a boy. Maybe next time?...if there is a next time. ;)
ANYWAY, check these out of Annie who just turned 2 (and SO WELL BEHAVED!) and Justus who is almost 5.
He actually stopped for a moment. Probably saw a bug or something. :)
We had to get some of them together. They are SO cute and get along so well!
I love how Annie loves dancing with her brother and Justus is probably thinking, "I don't really want to do this!"
AND...some bloopers. :)


  1. Oh, my. Annie is SO cute! And Justus looks so old - which is making me feel old... Two cute kiddos!

  2. Annie looks sooo different! Her hair is long and she looks all grown up! I guess that's what 10 months does! And the pictures of them together are just precious!

  3. Those are just darling! I love the two of them together. Such cute kids!