Tommy [Senior] - Utah Photographer

I love doing shoots for Seniors. Senior guys are really fun to do. They usually have a prop or something in mind. I love that Tommy fixed up this Bronco with his dad. He LOVES his Bronco and I love it too and was happy he wanted it in his pictures! Cars are such a big part of the High School scene and I love incorporating them into my photography. Give me some rust and I'm in love!
His mom thinks he looks just like his Grandpa especially with the hat, so we played a little with that. :)

If you know of any Seniors needing their pictures done, send them my way! I'll give you cash (up to $25 per session) or photo session credit for any Senior that books their session through you. :)


  1. Great pictures! Didn't you do his brother's pics too? It's becoming a tradition. I'll have a senior in a couple of years. *sniff*