Tiffany & David ~ Engagements | Utah Photographer

My baby sister...I can't believe she's getting married and that will be all of us off and married and into the real world! We are so happy she found herself a great guy and happily welcome David into the family!
They are both so tall! I don't think I've ever photographed such a tall couple...especially in her hot pink pumps! I was so excited when Tiffany told me she wanted to do some shots in a vintage theme! So I brought some of my suitcases and they dressed the part. It was fabulous! Despite the crazy wind causing crazy hair, we had a great time! I just wish I had more siblings getting married! I love making having them do what I want. ;)
Totally her idea with this for her Thank You cards. I love it!

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  1. So cute of coarse!!! I was thinking how much she looks like your mom and then I see some where you two look so much alike! Congrats to the happy couple!