MY Family Pictures | Utah Photographer

At the first of August, we went on a GREAT family vacation to Cali. I was SO excited to get family pictures done at the beach! I've been planning for months what to wear. I wanted to be casual but I also wanted fun and a pop of color. I just LOVE how these turned out!! I'm so glad my kids cooperated and were in good moods. It helps when Uncle Moe is there to make us laugh. :)
We were there for a family reunion and luckily my SIL is a photographer so she did these for me and I did some for her. Then we each do our own editing.
I just love my cute family. :)
The tide was coming in and Brinley saved Sadie!
These are the only ones I can claim. :)
Thanks for all your nice comments. It makes my day!


  1. I love the pictures! What a fun idea! And you did a great job picking out what everyone should wear...that dark brown against the sand brown looks great!

  2. looks dynamite!
    Everyone needs an Uncle Mo.

  3. Awesome pictures! You all look so great!

  4. I love your cute family too! Great choice on the colors. These are beautiful!

  5. Thanks! I was so happy with how they turned out. :)

  6. Oh, I love them!!! You guys look so great - what gorgeous kids - what a gorgeous beach! I love the colors, too.