My Sister's Wedding | Utah Photographer

Finally, I'm done editing my sister's wedding. I did take a LONG vacation after the wedding (much needed) so she cut me some slack. ;)
I wish I was a better writer to explain how perfect this day was. Mandy was so laid-back and we had PLENTY of time at the temple to take pictures. Nothing was rushed and everything was beautiful and so right. I'm so happy they were married in the LDS Salt Lake Temple. It's such a beautiful place to be. (That's where I was married so I may be biased.) Congratulations, you guys! You have so much love for each other. May you always remember this day and thank you for having me document it for you. Love ya, sis!
Get ready for picture overload...anyone that's related to me gets LOTS of pictures on my blog. I could be biased again.
My awesome friend, Tracie, was there with me again to 2nd shoot. She does such an AMAZING job! You da bomb!
This was my angle:
And this was Tracie's:
This was my angle:

But gettin' down is SO nice! This was Tracie's angle:
Again, my angle:
And Tracie's creative angle. The tree is shaped like a heart.

Very nice.
The reception was at the Lion House so there were PLENTY of awesome photo ops. Too bad there just wasn't enough time! It was nice to have Tracie there so I wasn't stressing too much about the pictures being taken. She got all the ones of the decorations and cake so I could relax a little and visit. It actually worked out quite well!
Here's my whole family! Well, I guess my sister-in-law wasn't there cuz they just had a baby. :) I wasn't quite sure when Mandy told me her colors were red and yellow but I'm loving how vibrant they look! Of course this was Tracie's shot.
And me and my brother and sisters. 4 down 1 to go! Tiff you're next!

 The bride and the maid of honor.
My angle:
Tracie's angle:

These are Tracie's pics:

They had yummy snow ice which was perfect for that hot July weather!
Oh wow! How was that for pictures? Now you probably felt like you were really there. Wasn't it nice? And they went out with a bang! Really! Doesn't it look like his suit is going to catch on fire? Oh boy!


  1. Love it! loos like it was an amazing day!

  2. Great pictures! I am scared for his suit, though. I hope it didn't get singed, lol!

  3. Just wanted to say Hi and I LOVE your work.

  4. Those are all so beautiful! Great job, Missy and Tracie!