Here's What You've Been Waiting For!

So I don't know if anyone's really been anticipating what the BIG NEWS is, but I think I've made you wait long enough. So here we go!

I'm looking for a Senior Rep to spread my name for next year's Seniors. You must be willing to tell your friends all about me whether it's in person or Facebook or whatever. I'll let you figure out how to get people to come to me. I will give you fliers to pass out to all of your friends. With your first referral, I'll give you back 1/2 the cost of your senior shoot. After that, you will also get PAID $20 for every shoot that is booked from you! Everyone needs a little extra cash, right?
So bottom line:
-Must be a Senior-graduating in 2011
-Must be willing to spread the word
-Must live in Utah or Salt Lake County

THAT'S IT! And any shoot that is done as a referral from you, I'll pay you $20! So easy!
I'll review those that email me. Feel free to tell me a little about yourself. Well...what are you waiting for?!! We need to book your session now so we can start booking Seniors!


  1. What an awesome idea! I'm sure you'll get tons of great referrals this way. Also, I think I know one of the girls you did a shoot of that you posted a picture of above. I think she was in my spanish class that I tutored out here. Crazy!

  2. What a great idea! Good luck with that!

  3. Hello! My name is Meckenzy Busby and I am definately interested in doing this. Rachel asked me to contact you. I will be a senior and I attend Lone Peak High School.