Austin-Newborn | Utah Photographer

It seems like everyone I know is having babies right now. I guess that's how it goes about this time of year. It's always better to be pregnant in the winter. I wish I could time mine like that. :)
Anyway, this is precious little Austin. Well...not so little, I guess! He still seemed so small to me but he does have some chubby cheeks! He was so good and slept pretty good most of the time. We even got to take him outside. I love this weather!
I love his face on this last one. He was giving me all sorts of smiles and faces. What a cutie.

And I'm still going to post that EXCITING news! Thanks for being patient! I'm trying to get all caught up first. :)


  1. Ahh...what a sweetie! I love the pictures and the announcement card.

  2. oh my gosh what a sweet little boy. Love that smile! clay is in Cedar City but may someday make it to BYU hey hopefully he is really saving his money and got his season tickets to BYU. I will have to ask him about going out with her! where is she going to school/living?