Ty 5 YO | Utah Photographer

Photography (and let's face it, Facebook) has definitely helped me get back in touch with long, lost friends. This shoot was mainly for Ty, but his mom (who I went to High School with) also wanted in on some shots. It was great to go downtown and just walk around taking pictures wherever. I've never done that before, but it worked out great! Ty was such a stud and up for anything...until the end. :)
Thanks, Lacee. I had a great time! And you haven't changed...you still look great! Ty's so lucky to have such a great mom.

Yup! He was D-O-N-E! Lookin' a little mad at me...but I like it! Ha-ha! :)


  1. Loving the actions. And yes we got a new dog. Just call my house the local zoo.

  2. He shouldn't complain, this is a great series of shots!