Photo Club-Unique Cropping

We had photo club again but this time it was at my house. I sometimes don't like to host things because I always wonder if anyone is going to come or not. But people came! And I had a lot of fun looking at everyone's assignment. We did different/unique crops. I NEVER cut off people's heads or only do 1/2 a face so this was a challenge for me, but I loved it!
I couldn't quite decide which one I liked the best: vertical or horizontal? What do you think?
Then, I got a little carried away and decided to try cropping a head off:
Then, I wanted to try steering clear of the face entirely, but cropping off one foot was a little weird:
Next month will be food. Now that's avoiding the face entirely...or is it???


  1. i like the horizontal better - but i think it's because i like the color instead of the black and white. i love the last picture too - super cute!

  2. I like color too. Thanks for your input. :)

  3. I like the horizontal crop because it's more balanced. With her face being totally on the left side, it needs all the other space to balance it out. The vertical one doesn't have that kind of balance.

    Those are my thoughts! I sure can't create great things like you, but I can be a critic!